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Essen 2012: Cavemen playing with fire (Odynaut Game Company)

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Das Spiel stellen wir euch auf dt./engl. vor, viel Spaß!

Offizielle Infos:
Submerge yourself in the world of cavemen together with the Odynauts in this exciting and tactical card game for daredevils. Who will be first to smother his opponent’s fire which used to be so important in the prehistory? If you’re not strong, you should be cunning in Cavemen Playing with Fire.

A journey through time brings the Odynauts back to the stone age. There they are confronted with cavemen who cherish fire. Not only does the fire warm them, but it also keeps hostile animals at bay. However, not all cavemen succeed in making their own fire so they attempt to steal the fire of others. The Odynauts wouldn’t be the Odynauts if they wouldn’t be able to make a game out of this and even add a personal twist. Why steal fire if you can also simply extinguish it? Can you find your way in various hostile caves? Can you outwit your opponents or beat weaker cavemen? Then play Cavemen Playing With Fire!

vorstellung vom 29.01.2013

Essen 2012: Cavemen playing with fire (Odynaut Game Company)

Essen 2012: Cavemen playing with fire (Odynaut Game Company) from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.

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