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Essen 2012 Neuheit: Mines of the Sacred Dragons (Sunrise Tornado Game Studio)

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Das Spiel stellen wir euch auf dt./engl. vor, viel Spaß!

Offizielle Infos:
Mechanic: Area Influence, Hand Management, Tile Placement

80 Unique Tiles
50 Tokens (5 colors and 10 in each color)
5 Player Aids
1 Score Board
1 Rulebook

Mines of the Sacred Dragon is a one to five players abstract strategy puzzle game. During the game, players can play tiles to build and expand mine to earn victory point (vo) or to block others from building a high vp mine. In the end of the game, players earn 1 point for each mine they built and much more point for the connecting ones. The player with high score wins the game.

The game was first designed in 2005. The intension was to create a game that is more than just an ordinary color matching abstract puzzle game or create number of standard tiles with different abstrct rules. The goal of the design was set to use number of unique hexgon tiles, six colors to connect the tiles, and building/constructing strategy. After one year of design and playtest, the game was completed and named “Miners”.

Thou the game was completed, I still wasn’t 100% satisfied with the scoring system. By end of the 2011, “Miners” was brought out again to playtest. During the time, a much better scoring method was found, and it is finally ready to publish after 7 years of design.


The Mines of the Sacred Dragon is based on a novel written by Tia Ye. The title of the novel is not yet translated into English. Short summary of the novel – In the shadow of Sun Moon Star, bloodline heirs of the Dragon Throne uncovered the mastery of Mystic Quartz. Hence they illuminated the Basin of Night and valiantly retrieved the Seal of Almighty …

vorstellung vom 28.01.2013

Essen 2012 Neuheit: Mines of the Sacred Dragons (Sunrise Tornado Game Studio)

Essen 2012 Neuheit: Mines of the Sacred Dragons (Sunrise Tornado Game Studio) from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.

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