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Spiel 2010: Monkey see Monkey do (Cranio Creations)

spiel   |   Fr. 25.02.2011, 18:00 Uhr   |   Jörg   |   Kommentare (0)   |   Bookmark and Share

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"Can you imitate a pirate monkey with a finger in your ear while standing on one foot? Can you mime a superhero with your tongue sticking out and your fingers on your nose? And why does everybody want the Power Banana?Monkey See Monkey Do transforms your house into a jungle where 3 to 12 players will get to mime fun acts in bizarre positions. But only the first one who can get his hands on the Power Banana will have a chance to guess the mime. A simple to learn game, great for..."
(Quelle: Cranio Creations)

Keine Angst, das Spiel stellen wir euch auf dt. und engl. vor! Viel Spaß!

vorstellung vom 25.02.2011

Spiel 2010: Monkey see Monkey do (Cranio Creations)

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