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Vorstellung vom 19.01.2012

Die SPIEL - Essen 2011: Burdigala (Id&al Editions)

Burdigala is the Roman name for the city of Bordeaux. The game is about the growth of the city during the Roman times.

The board shows a map of the city, with various building sites and streets. At the beginning of the game, a tile is placed on each building site. Each tile shows a building and the reward for completing that building. On the back, it shows the amount of cubes needed to complete the building (2-5). The tiles are placed facedown, so that it is unknown which building is where.

Each turn, a player rolls two dice, picks one and moves his architect as many spaces along the streets as the die shows. Then, he adds a cube to a building site adjacent to his architect's current location. For this, he will receive a reward:
- If the building is not yet completed, he scores one point for each cube that is still needed to complete it.
- If the building is completed, the tile is flipped, and the player gains the reward shown on the tile.
In addition, if the building is completed, any other nearby architects will receive an Intrigue card that will give them some benefit.

Certain combinations on the dice (rolling seven or rolling doubles) allow the player to take a Corruption token (worth -5 to 0 points) to gain a specific benefit, such as a reroll or a double building action.

When there is no more building to be done, the player with the most points wins the game.

Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Das war die offizielle englische Info zum Spiel .... und im Video übersetzen wir Euch die wichtigen Abläufe auf Deutsch! Viel Spaß!

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