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Datensatz vom 20.09.2013




Anzahl der Spieler:
3 bis 5 Spieler

60 Minuten

Frei ab 12 Jahre

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interview vom 16.02.2014

Essen 2013: Interview mit Fabrice Vandenbogaerde (Autor von Warlock) - Quined Games

Essen 2013: Interview mit Fabrice Vandenbogaerde (Autor von Warlock) - Quined Games from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.

A curse is cast on you, which transports you to the magical land of Norkobia. You wish to return to your earthly existence, but Lord Maldorf, ruler of Norkobia, will not let you go unless you meet his demands and build him an enormous empire.

In Warlock, you must use the skills and powers of mythical creatures such as giants, wizards and gnomes to build your empire and thwart your opponents. Each card offers four possibilities, and by using your cards strategically, you can build the biggest empire, be released to return home, and win the game.

The aim of the game is to build an empire next to your castle, with cards that are laid out in a 4x4 grid. Every turn, players will receive 5 cards. One will be placed in their dungeon (where a card will receive a special ability), another one in Hubba's bar, where all the local creatures gather to be hired by the players. The other three cards are kept in the players' hands. The round continues with an auction where players can use their cards to purchase others. Once the auction is done, players can use their cards' special abilities to expand their empire and thus score points. Beware however of other players, as they can steal some of your cards, or destroy parts of your empire. The game calls for cunning placement of your cards in your empire and shrewd bidding in the auction phase. The game ands after three full rounds, or after a player manages to build his/her 16th city (card) in his/her empire. Points are awarded based on the value of your cities, majority bonuses and the variation of the cities built in your empire.

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vorstellung vom 16.02.2014

Essen 2013: Warlock (Quined Games)

Essen 2013: Warlock (Quined Games) from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.

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