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Datensatz vom 21.09.2019

Tres Deseos



Anzahl der Spieler:
3 bis 8 Spieler

20 Minuten

Frei ab 6 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



You and your friends are walking in the desert. Suddenly you step on an object. You take it up from the sand and shout: “I found a magic lamp!” All your friends look at you cleaning the lamp from the sand when a small blue genie appears out.
“Finally someone found me!” The genie says.
“Do I have three wishes?” You ask.
“Ehm ... not exactly ... all of you will have to choose between 3 wishes”. Answer the genie.
“Wow” you all say excited.
“But I will propose the wishes and only one of you will get his wish true.” Clarify the genie.
“Who?” You want to know.
“The winner of this game. Do you want to play?” Is the answer of the genie.

Tres Deseos (Three Wishes) is a family voting game. Every turn 3 different wish cards are revealed. One player is asked to choose among them and other players guess on his preferences.

The game runs over several “turns”. Every turn is composed by 4 steps:
1. Reveal Wish Cards. The current player draws 3 wish cards. He reads the cards and explains them if necessary. Every card shall be interpreted in the most marvelous way. The player is not allowed to express any preference on the cards at this point.
2. Place Bets. All the player place secretly their betting cards.
3. Express Preference. The player with the turn card now has to express his preferences for the favorite wish and the less favorite wish. He can justify his decision if necessary, but he cannot change it.
4. Assign Points. Finally, the players show up their bets and receive 1 point for each right guessing. The current player receives 1 point for each player that guesses both bets.

The number of turns to be played depends on the number of players. At the end of the game the player who scored the most points is the winner.


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