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Datensatz vom 11.06.2015

Polar Rush



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 5 Spieler

20 Minuten

Frei ab 6 Jahre

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A fierce blizzard is fast approaching, but young Kaya and his friends are still fishing out on the ice far from their igloos! The little Inuit need to pack up and rush home as quickly as they can. However, their journey back is fraught with many dangers. Heavy snow and strong winds make it difficult for them to find the shortest route back, the ice beneath them could break apart at any time, and hungry polar bears are lurking nearby! Using clever planning and a keen memory, can you be the first to navigate your Inuit across the ice floes and back to the safety of their igloo?

In Polar Rush!, seven ice floe tiles are placed together on the table to form the game board. On each ice floe are seven different animals or items found in the arctic. Movement tiles are spread out face down on the table. On a turn, a player reveals a number of movement tiles one at a time based on the number rolled on the die. If he reveals a "seal" and a seal is adjacent to his current position, he must move his Inuit to the "seal" (even if it means he must move backwards); if a seal isn't nearby, he doesn't move.

The floes also feature special characters that can help (or hamper) a player's movement, so with clever planning your movement can be quite successful. For example, if you move to a sled, your next move doesn't need to be to an adjacent tile — but if you reveal a "crack" tile, you can separate the game board to create a water gap between the floes. The only way to cross this is to reveal a kayak tile. The first person to get his Inuit home wins!

Polar Rush! includes simplified rules for Inuit as young as five as well as more complex rules for older Inuit.

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