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Datensatz vom 07.09.2016

Long Live the Queen



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preview vom 13.11.2017

Long live the queen (ludicreations) / Essen 2017


The Queen is dead! Long Live the Queen!

After a terrible epidemic, the Queen has passed on, leaving behind her twin daughters: the determined Princess Black Rose and the ambitious Princess White Rose. The Queen expected to live for a very long time and had not taken the time to declare which of the two would succeed her. Thus, the battle lines are drawn; each Princess has gathered her courtiers around her and is prepared to risk it all in pursuit of the throne. Will prestige be enough to rule the kingdom, or will it take intrigue and violence?

As a loyal servant for their Princess, each player must manipulate her supporters and use their abilities effectively to gain enough prestige to dominate the proceedings or humiliate the opposing Princess into relinquishing her claim to the throne.

In Long Live the Queen, each princess is placed opposite the other, with five character tiles placed face down on either side. Beginning with the starting player, the game takes place in turns, during which a player rolls the dice to determine which position is activated, reveals or activates characters, then may reposition a tile. To win, a player must guide their Princess to victory, either by accumulating enough of each type of prestige or by causing the opposing Princess tile to be turned face down.

Available for previewing at SPIEL 2016 ahead of its anticipated release in 2017.

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Montag 13.11.2017

Long live the queen (ludicreations) / Essen 2017

Nachricht von 19:25 Uhr, Smuker, - Kommentare

Das Kartenspiel "Long live the queen" erschien ursprünglich im Jahre 2014 bei dem Kleinverlag "Circle 3D6" mit Anime Grafik. Dieses Jahr wurde es mit neuer Grafik von Ludicreations... ...

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