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Anzahl der Spieler:
3 bis 6 Spieler

10 Minuten

Frei ab 7 Jahre

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SafeBreaker is a simple to learn card game of memory, deduction and murder! Players take the roles of gangster bears from the rough side of "Bear Valley Hills" who have stolen a safe and between them know the combination. By asking each other the right questions, remembering who answered what, and using a bit of logical deduction they can eliminate their rivals and claim all the ill-gotten gains!

The game consists of 12 cards: six colors and six numbers that form the safe's combination. Play starts with one player asking the next player to her left if he has a certain color and number. If he has either of the cards mentioned, he says "yes" and it becomes his turn; otherwise he says "no" and the question passes to the next player to the left to answer.

When a player thinks she knows an opponent's combination, on her turn she can accuse him of being a color and number. If correct, her opponent is out of the game and she gets another turn — but if she's wrong, she's out of the game and her wrongly accused opponent now has the next turn.

As far as the rules go, that's it! How much do you talk to your opponents? Do you keep quiet or suggest questions for them to ask? Do you remind them who answered what, and if you do, did you remember correctly?! Are you spinning disinformation?

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