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Datensatz vom 17.02.2014

Perfect Storm: Alaska



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 5 Spieler

45 - 60 Minuten

Frei ab 12 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen


vorstellung vom 18.02.2014

Essen 2013: Perfect Storm Proto für Essen 2014 (NSKN Games)

Essen 2013: Perfect Storm Proto für Essen 2014 (NSKN Games) from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.

Welcome to the Port of Dutch Harbor, the gateway to King Crab fishing in Alaska. Every year, hundreds of crews gather in this small port to take advantage of the very short fishing season in their attempts to get rich over night. But beware, the Bering Sea comes with great threats, challenging even the fittest. You will face freezing temperatures, waves the size of a ten stories block, heavy lifting and drastic weather changes in a matter of hours.

In Perfect Storm, 2 to 5 players will take the role of small entrepreneurs looking to make their fortune fishing in the Bering Sea.

You will start small, with a basic ship and a rookie crew led by a captain with big dreams but little experience. At first, your crew will venture into shallow waters after the easiest prey, the fish. With the money you earn, you will afford a better crew, maybe even a bigger boat and you’ll be able to catch shrimp or even the most value King Crab. But you must hurry and use your resources wisely, the fishing season is short and the weather changes in no time.

Every turn, each player will command his crew, using their 3 to 5 actions to move to a new untouched area or to fish. Depending on the crew experience and the depth of the water, your crew will catch fish (the least valuable), shrimp or crab (the most valuable).

The weather cards dictate the wind speed which will increase the waves. With a small boat you will have to face the storm in shallow waters, but with a bigger boat and an experienced crew you’ll be able to defy the waves and venture into the eye of the storm to catch a larger quantity of King Crab. But beware, every time the wave size is greater that your ship’s stability, you will roll the danger die and see if you ship capsizes or not.

Perfect Storm is a game of risk management and every player will have to calculate his decision to fish for the most valuable prey without exposing his crew and cargo to unnecessary danger. In the end, the winner will be the player who will find the best balance between his boat, crew and captain, the place to fish and the risk to face bad weather.

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