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Datensatz vom 20.10.2017

Assassin's Club



Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 2 Spieler

30-60 Minuten

Frei ab 14 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



The competition for a Hitman's contract represents the difference between the failure of his business and his personal survival.

You must earn Prestige Points to keep up and have the option of extra missions. You must show your weaponry skills and knowledge in order to beat the defenses.

To win the game you have to win as many missions as possible. Every mission has a value in Prestige points, the more points you get, more chance to beat your own record or to beat your opponent score and then win the game but be careful if you run out of credits (life points) you are dead and game will be over.

You can play alone (Solo Game) or against a friend (Multi Game). The game dynamics are similar, differing mostly in the use of SPECIAL cards (strategy) and auctions to get the missions.

There is a mix of luck and strategy in this fast-paced easy to learn game. Advanced mode is very intense where Characters make the difference with their action bonuses.

The evolution of the game is based on four main types of cards: MISSIONS, WEAPONS, LOCATIONS and ESPECIAL cards. We also need DEFENCE to combined with MISSIONS giving us different possibilities, but not always the same options.

The game is set to last 4 rounds, but getting to the final one might not be easy. Each mission has a cost you have to pay, reducing the CREDITS on your Score card. But no need to worry, because once you accomplish the mission, you will get some of that cost back.


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