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Datensatz vom 29.09.2015

Clear for Takeoff



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 6 Spieler

30-90 Minuten

Frei ab 9 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen


preview vom 15.10.2015

Essen 2015 Video: Clear for Takeoff (Time Workshop)

Essen 2015 Video: Clear for Takeoff (Time Workshop) from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.

Clear for Takeoff was expertly created by an airline pilot teamed with game designers. The game is centered around life at John F. Kennedy airport in the 1960s. The task is to manage one of six available airlines with the goal to have all your airplanes take off successfully before other players. To do this you must collect and cards to place and advance your aircraft towards the takeoff position. Weather permitting, your plane can take off.
The weather is always good at the beginning of the game, but this can change as the game progresses at the request of the players, as well as other outside factors. Additionally, you are able to delay other player’s aircrafts and they can delay yours. The player who takes off first, wins!

Clear for Takeoff Features:

✈For 2-6 players
✈Ages 9 and up
✈25 and 90 minutes
✈Tournament options available
✈Several different strategies can be used to allow for replayability
✈Easy to understand with simple rules
✈Rule translation allows for the game to be used in foreign markets

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Donnerstag 15.10.2015

Essen 2015 Video: Clear for Takeoff (Time Workshop)

Nachricht von 18:58 Uhr, Smuker, - Kommentare

In Essen haben wir beim russischen Verlag "Time Workshop" vorbeigeschaut. Vor Ort hatten sie den aktuellen Prototypen ihres Kickstarterprojektes "Clear for Takeoff". Dahinter verbirgt... ...

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