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Datensatz vom 20.09.2016

Planet Nomino



Anzahl der Spieler:
4 bis 12 Spieler


Frei ab 7 Jahre

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In April 2053 a group of space explorers arrive on Planet Nomino. After landing they discover numerous mysterious objects and strange creatures living there. The portal which sponsors the expedition wants to put within 30 minutes at their home page the holograms and names of those creatures. If the scientists fail to do so, the whole interstellar expedition will be over! The Explorers Council have to vote as quickly as possible the names of the objects and send them immediately to Old Earth. Unfortunately each of them have their own ambitions, while some of the scientists are also agents of opposed portals who want to take control over the data transmission – all of which does not make the task any easier…

The game can be played in two ways. The easier version can be played with children – they just have to decide how to name a mysterious object or a creature. In the more difficult version the players draw a mission cart (which will make them either a lazy assistant, an ambitious scientist or an agent of an opposed portal) and they have to convince other players that this name is the one and only for this Nomino’s inhabitant.

The mechanics of the game were designed by Karol Madaj, who came up with the idea of the game with his little daughter in mind. Our task as designers was to create Nomino’s inhabitants. It was a complex task since all these creatures had to be somehow connected to our own reality, just like the strange words on which players vote should be. We therefore created a number of categories connected to our well-known reality (such us “electric equipment”, “water plants”, “dangerous animals”) and each of the 3 designers working on a Nomino creature drew one category and one part of the object. This process made all these aliens from an unknown planet seem strange and yet familiar – and that was precisely the effect we were looking for.

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