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Datensatz vom 10.07.2014

Dice Brewing



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 4 Spieler

45 Minuten

Frei ab 12 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen


Dice Brewing is a dice building game in which you manage resources and brew beer to become the beer master.

Players manage their resources in shape of different dice colors (K6):
- Light malt: yellow dice
- Dark malt: black dice
- Hops: green dice
There is also an additional Skill dice (blue dice), which allows to achieve additional effects on recipe cards and resources dice.

When the player collects the correct number of dice with the proper value, he can brew one of the available recipes and gain winning points, gold or other effect. Players can also enrich recipe by throwing in additional ingredients that can enhance the effect of the recipes (more gold, more championship points).

Push luck
Players can influence the rolling luck using a variety of objects cards that gives opportunity to:
- Replace the dice,
- Increase of dice value,
- Receive extra dice,
- Buy special ingredients chips,
- Buy action chips - which may influence the roll luck or disturb other players.

In the game there are various action cheps that may help us in our dice luck or hinder opponents, such as:
- Roll the selected dice (your or opponent)
- Remove the selected dice from the warehouse to the active pool (your or opponent)
- Block brewing selected recipe for one round
- Block using the selected object card for one round

Game components:
- 14 x yellow dice,
- 14 x black dice,
- 12 x green dice,
- 10 x blue dice,
- 4 x Brewer card (short instruction for every player)
- 4 x players board
- 8 x seeds chips (seeds chips offer the possibility of obtaining additional dice of pale malt or hops),
- 1 x crops / harvest chip (two-way chip, which determines whether a given round, the players are under cultivation or harvesting phase),
- 1 x priority chip (this chip specifies the player who takes all the steps in round as first),
- 20 x special ingredients chips (Special ingredients can be used by brewers to vary the recipe of beer at brewing phase, and thus to acquire additional bonuses),
- 18 action chips (These chips allow you to influence the other players (or yours) resources, as well as giving a chance to correct wrong decisions),
- 4 x warehouse card (It's a card that allows you to maintain resources needed to finish brewing),
- 4 x green wooden marker (to count championship points),
- 30 x beer recipes card (Recipe cards are cards that all the players compete with each other, trying to brew specific beers, collecting gold and championship points),
- 2 x building cards.

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