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Datensatz vom 28.06.2016

Tales of pirates



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 5 Spieler

30 Minuten

Frei ab 8 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen


review vom 11.07.2017

A tale of Pirates (Cranio Creations) / Essen 2017 / asmodee Burgevent 2017


Unseren Ersteindruck von zwei gespielten Partien schildern wir ausführlich in unserem Podcast (

Put on your captain's hat and navigate the 3D pirate ship using sand timers in this unique real-time co-op. Flip the sand timer, take control of the pirate ship and make sure your objectives are all aligned in this fast and furious game for the entire family.
As a member of an adventurous pirate crew your goal is to be crowned Admiral of the Black, the most feared pirate ship in the Caribbean. To earn this title you must complete dangerous scenarios in the shortest possible time frame.

The Game is a cooperative and “in real time” family game with 3D components.
The most innovative element of the game is that the player uses his own sand timer (30 seconds) as a character to be placed on the ship to perform actions. Each time a player places his own sand timer, he has to wait the time to flow over to be able to perform the action needed. Each hole in the ship represents an area where you can perform a specific action: turning the ship, loading cannons, shooting enemy ships, repairing damage and so forth...

Admiral of the Black has 10 different scenarios, ranging from ordinary pirating activities like looking & shooting, to Kraken, prison breaks, treasure hints and much more. An app for any smartphone or tablet will lead the players along the missions, assist with scenario data, random events, multiple paths, upgrades and game state saving for later sessions. It also serves as a timer for the individual round (the typical scenario last 2-3 rounds of 5 min each).

The players have to react to events and maneuver the ship to fight enemy gunboats, to catch rich merchant vessels and avoid other obstacles. They must communicate to agree and organize things to do, but they have to be quick because time is always ticking.

Admiral of the Black is swift playing with simple rules, but it’s exciting and involving, with great interactions among players. Unlike some other real time coop games the stress is present but not dominating. The 30 sec. delays, plus intermittent rounds, always allow you to catch your breath!


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vorstellung vom 28.06.2016

Heidelberger Burgevent 2016: Admiral of the Black (Cranio Creations) - Essen 2016

Heidelberger Burgevent 2016: Admiral of the Black (Cranio Creations) from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.

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