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Datensatz vom 21.01.2015

Hoppers: Chinese Zombies Action Adventure Game



Anzahl der Spieler:
3 bis 9 Spieler

5 Minuten

Frei ab 8 Jahre

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What are hoppers? Hoppers are Chinese zombies. Unlike the zombies you see on the street and grocery stores in the western world, Chinese hoppers are stiffed. The only way for them to travel is hop and that’s why they are called hoppers.

Legend reveals a Hopper Stone is buried in the Mystic Forest of Hoppers centuries ago. It will give life to the dead if it is not found and contained before sunrise of the next blue moon, which is tomorrow morning. To save the realm, guardians must find the match of their sacred stone and capture the Hopper Stone. The guardian who captures the Hopper Stone will save the realm and also be empowered by the stones and become the most powerful guardian in the realm. However, if the Hopper Stone is in the wrong hand or remain unfound, it will hatch and release forsaken souls to all dead in the realm. The dead then will rise and become hoppers and annoy all of us to death.


Hoppers is a 3 to 9-player action/dexterity party game for all ages and it is extremely fun in a merry way for those who are not quite sober. In the game, players are guardians of the realm and each has a sacred stone that gives them power to travel into the Mystic Forest of Hoppers. Beware, one of the player might be holding the Hopper Stone, a servant of darkness, waiting for the night to pass and release forsaken souls.

Each game is played up to five rounds or six rounds in a 3-player game. In each round, all players will adventure the Mystic Forest of Hoppers together. To pass the adventure, players have to pass a dexterity challenge and the players who pass the adventure will take one discovery action in turn order to find the match of their sacred stone and the Hopper Stone.

When a player has the knowledge of the match and the Hopper Stone, player can reveal them and win the game. Otherwise after number of rounds, if the Hopper Stone is not captured or when two pairs of sacred stones are revealed at end of a round, sun will rise and the servant of darkness wins the game. If no one has the Hopper Stone, all players lose the game.

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