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Datensatz vom 27.09.2013

The Mystique Deck



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 10 Spieler

20 Minuten

Frei ab 5 Jahre

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The Mystique Deck is a special deck of cards designed by Néstor Romeral Andrés and worderfully illustrated by Chechu Nieto. It's been fueled on nestorbooster.

It has 60 cards, with each one depicting three different features (instead of two, like a regular poker deck):

- Colour: Yellow, red, and blue — the 3 primary colours of pigment. There are 20 cards of each colour.
- Suit: Suns, Moons, Arms, and Crowns. Suns and moons are the ‘heaven’ cards. Arms and Crowns are the ‘earth’ cards. There are 15 cards of each suit. These suits are the same as in Piecepack, thus making the deck compatible with it.
- Number: from 1 to 5. Fives are depicted with an open palm, with the corresponding coloured suit in its palm. There are 12 cards of each number.

Moreover, each card has a unique number at the top, from 1 to 60. This is the ‘card number’. Some examples of cards are: Three of red crowns, One of blue suns (also called ace of blue suns), Five of yellow arms (also called palm of yellow arms).

There are two different Mystique decks: Mystique Gold and Mystique Silver. Both have the same card distribution; only the backs are different. Please select the back that you wish in the drop-down menu. Some future games will use both decks, so you might consider ordering one of each type. Each deck includes a full colour tuckbox (see below). The tuck boxes are folded and they don't use glue.

The Mystique Deck includes a default game by Néstor himself also called Mystique (you can download the rules below), but the deck has been designed to be used in different future games. Here is a -growing- list of games that can be played with a Mystique deck.

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