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Datensatz vom 21.08.2013

Pick-a-Polar-Bear (Vertrieb Heidelberger Spieleverlag)



Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 5 Spieler

15 Minuten

Frei ab 8 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen


vorstellung vom 17.02.2014

Essen 2013: Pick a Polarbear (Jolly Thinkers)

Essen 2013: Pick a Polarbear (Jolly Thinkers) from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.


Pick-a-Polar Bear (first published as Formissimo) features the same gameplay as Pick-a-Dog, but with two new variants!

The nanuks are determined - they don't want to become sitting "bears" due to global warming. Sourcing a supply of canned fish may be a way to survive the diminishing sea ice. At least it gives them a very good reason to travel all the way from the North Pole to Germany, and party up with their doggie friends there!

How to play:
1) Each player gets a card face down.
2) Say Go! Flip your card and race to grab new cards that are the same or have ONLY ONE difference from your top card.
3) Keep grabbing as many correct cards as you can. if no good cards remain for you, STOP the action and get a bonus.
4) Collect the most cards and WIN!

Variant 1 - Hold the leading player back!
The player, who has just successfully obtained the most cards in the preceding round, is not allowed to grab a card that is identical to its previous card.

Variant 2 – The Set-Up Delight
The Set-Up Delight turns the preparation of each round into a buzz of excitement!

At the beginning of a game, all the “bonus round” cards are shuffled into the draw pile. The dealer, when laying out Member cards on the table, is required to place them one by one. During this, after at least 10 cards are already placed, if the topmost card of the draw pile shows the backside of a “bonus round” card, a bonus round is started!

The “bonus round” card is then turned face up and immediately afterwards each player can race to shout out one and only one answer, which is the number of cards already placed on the table fulfilling both requirements indicated on the “bonus round” card.

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Montag 17.02.2014

Essen 2013: Pick a Polarbear (Jolly Thinkers)

Nachricht von 20:38 Uhr, Jörg, - Kommentare

Insbesondere die Cliquenabendler Mario und Nici sind ganz vernarrt in das kleine süße Wesen und so ist natürlich die Freude groß, wenn von der nächsten Ausgabe die Rede ist. ... ...

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