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Datensatz vom 27.09.2015

Mastery: Become a Hero



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 Spieler

20-30 Minuten

Frei ab 14 Jahre

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"A smell of blood, fire and electricity roams the dark and moist corridors. An epic battle is taking place! The mighty wizard lifts his staff, looking down on his fallen Warrior – we have a new fighter, a new hero, a new Master!"

Mastery: Become a Hero is a fantasy adventure card game that combines the dynamics of a three-dimensional board game with the strategy, speed and excitement of simultaneous battles.

In this world, you are an adventurer seeking fame and riches. In this first version of the game, you will have a warrior and a magician. Later, there will be several classes added to the game. When choosing your class, chose the one that most represents you as a character. Each class has its own completely unique combat style, that has some vital statistics which will influence the performance during battle.

Cards are the key element in Mastery: Become a Hero. Careful selection of the cards when constructing your deck will allow you to create complex and devastating strategies. Mastery cards belong to three types/categories:

1. Actions and Magic: these are the cards used to construct your deck, they characterize your characters combat style and skill.
2. Objects: treasures that you will collect through out Mastery – become a hero. They influence your combat strategies but you cannot include them in your deck: they are placed, face down, beside the game table.
3. Equipment: weapons and armor. They have special effects which influence your strategies. As with Objects, they cannot be part of your deck: they are instead placed, face up, beside the game table.

Each match round takes place through five simultaneous phases; Turn's beginning › Card drawing › Movement › Combat › Turn's End. You have to choose you cards for the whole combat round in advance and your cannot change any cards after the round has started. In the world of Mastery, the deck is representing your character profile. Constructing your character profile is here summarized within these three rules:

1. The character profile must be formed by no less than 30 cards and no more than 50.
2. You can only include cards marked with the class your character belongs to (exceptions are possible on some game variations).
3. Object and Equipment cards should not be part of your deck. But you can choose and bring with you to a match 2 object cards, placed down beside the board. You can freely select Equipment cards as long as the total number of occupancy (parameter written on the Equipment card) for all the equipment chosen is equal to or less than 5.

The combat rounds continue until either of the champions has fallen and the winner has become a hero!

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