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Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 4 Spieler

45 Minuten

Frei ab 8 Jahre

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Biruda is a city building game for 2-4 Architects. Each one of you has to build total, 5 buildings in the 3 different sectors of the board (Mainframe). The Mainframe is divided in the Grey, the Red and the Gold Sector. You have to build 2 Constructions in each sector and 1 in the Gold and last one. The Buildings come to your possession through the Architectonic Plans. Each Sector hides unique constructions but traps too as well as it offers a variety of choices.

Your rival Architects won't allow you to reach the gold and they will use all the means of the game such as the Hazard Cards. Using them, can seriously damage your constructions. From the other hand, the Mainframe wouldn't let you exposed, to them. That's why it offers the Construction Assurances. Thanks to these cards you will be protected, however, up to a point. Still, your rivals can use the Grids, obstacles that they place on the Mainframe and specifically in the area where you build and can delay you a lot. Place your pawn on the Pavement (outer board), draw your Plans, buy raw materials, hire the necessary Groups of Workers, get the License of your Construction and start building. But be careful, if you cheat, then the Construction Inspector will lead you out of the Mainframe. Since you complete your building, you collect a standard payment as well as different bonuses matching the different board-combinations where the Mainframe offers to you.

Maybe this game seems easy and known but Biruda offers innovative mechanisms where you will meet duing the play. To prove yourself among the other and be the Master Architect you have to move with caution. The Pavement around gives to all the chance to draw different card sets and these cards will be proved veru useful during your work. Still this games differs a lot thanks to its variations such the board pieces of the Mainframe where you can connect them in different ways and reform the whole city. Among the Hazards, there are Earthquake Cards and based on their effects you can change totally the game. The most important here is that even if a rival Architect has managed to reach the Gold Sector and you are far behind, well with a single move you can restore the balance and be the winner.


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