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Datensatz vom 04.07.2014

Walking Dead: Best Defense Woodbury Expansion



Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 6 Spieler

45 Minuten

Frei ab 15 Jahre

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The Woodbury Expansion to the best-selling The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense brings a whole new challenge to an already desperate group of Survivors. The Survivors may now visit the Woodbury Location and take their chances with the Resource Deck there, but must also avoid The Governor or he’ll gun down anything in his path! The Woodbury Expansion now allows up to six players to play at once and offers an alternate win condition.

The Woodbury Location is added to the standard game set-up by placing it adjacent to two of the four starting Location tiles. Survivors sneaking into Woodbury can take their chances with the Woodbury Resource deck there. These cards have big highs and devastating lows. Examples include: Seduced, Assault Rifle, Enter the Arena, and Bargaining Chip. However, as a well-maintained and protected enclave, the good stuff outweighs the bad… and there aren’t very many Walkers to deal with there!

Alternate Victory Condition: If your team of Survivors can draw up all of the Woodbury cards or find other ways to deplete the entire Woodbury deck, the Survivors win the game! The Woodbury deck begins the game with 5 cards per Survivor, so it’s a well-balanced objective no matter how many Survivors there are.

Watching over everything is The Governor. Armed with his heavy Assault Rifle, he moves around the board causing all sorts of problems for the Survivors. However, with careful planning and some risk management, crafty players can get The Governor to help clean up pockets of Walkers. Just don’t get too close to him when the bullets start flying or you might get caught in the crossfire!

The Governor is an automated game piece on the board that moves to a new Location each round and creates plenty of panic. Alternately, the expansion provides a new “Versus Mode” where one player takes on the role of The Governor and works against all of the Survivors! The Survivor players must now win the game as a team or else The Governor player wins it all for himself. Instead of using automated or randomized movement, a player in control of The Governor can move at his own discretion.

With the inclusion a new playable Survivor character, extra Hit Point and resource tokens, and an extra pawn base, the game is now playable by up to five Survivors. If a player takes on the role of The Governor, it can be a six-player game!

Comes with 25 unique Woodbury Resource cards and five unique cards for the Event deck. These new Events will encourage Survivors to travel to Woodbury, or stay very far away! Players who are by now familiar with The Best Defense game will find a whole new level of challenge with The Governor and the Woodbury alternate win condition. The game will never be the same with the inclusion of The Woodbury Expansion!

This is an expansion to The Walking Dead: The Best Defense, which is required to play.

• Based on hugely popular AMC television program

• 25 Unique Woodbury Resource Cards

• Five new Event cards that work with the new Woodbury Location

• Comes with a new playable Survivor

• The Governor terrorizes the Survivors as an automated pawn or as a playable opponent to the Survivors

• Adds the option to play with up to SIX players!

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