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Datensatz vom 14.08.2019

Goons (Demo - Spiel erscheint 2020)


2020 (DEMO 2019)

Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 4 Spieler

60 Minuten

Frei ab 14 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



Das Spiel erscheint 2020, aber auf der SPIEL 2019 wird man am Stand einen Prototypen ansehen und spielen können.

You’ve never really had any grand super villain ambitions. Nah, that's not your thing. You're just an honest contractor trying to get by, only without scruples and not overly concerned with safety precautions or work conditions. You take a very special kind of pride in always running in head first, literally, no questions asked. Just enjoying the thrill of the moment and the luxury of not having to make plans further ahead than a couple of hours. What’s so terribly wrong about that?

Goons is a strategy board game for 2-4 players that combines character development, action selection and gambling mechanism in a very special way. In Goons players will be trying out a new thrilling career as henchmen! Throwing themselves right into the heat of the fire and joining in on different villains wacky schemes. The goal is to earn as much cash as possible, get the snazziest gear and rise in respect with the local villains. Perhaps someday, you’ll finally be the one calling the shots!?

On players turn they will choose their actions by using an action selection system that lets them draw action tiles from an ongoing scoring grid, combining them with another action, by covering spaces up on their goon board. Actions include going to the gym to increase your energy, shopping for new gear, earn a little extra as a dishwasher and mixing things up at the night club.

But most importantly, players will commit to different daring villain schemes by placing energy markers on them to increase the chances of success and reward. Each villain in the game has a unique theme and scoring mechanics, so players will carefully have to consider which ones to support.

The goon with the most victory points at the end of the game wins!

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