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Datensatz vom 12.10.2018

2GM: Germany Reinforcements



Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 4 Spieler

30-120 Minuten

Frei ab 12 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



2GM Tactics Wargame is a tabletop game that lets you recreate battles between the US – Allied nation – and Germany – Axis nation – during the late years of the WW2.

Players will create and customize their own decks in advance in order to complete the military feats assigned. Army decks are comprised of Unit cards (Infantry, Artillery, Armor, Transports and Aircraft) and Support cards.

Support cards complement each army deck and provide special, one-time abilities and perks to our units during a battle. Use Support cards to hamper the enemy and their strategy.

Terrain cards are double-sided cards that are placed in the battlefield and provide extra cover to our units.

Additionally, you’ll also find General cards, Scenario cards and Player Aid and Game Summary cards.

There are two different game modes:

1. Battle Royal, in which the goal is to destroy the opponent’s HQ.

2. Scenario, a pre-set scenario with its own set of deployment rules and predetermined configuration. The final goal is established by the specific rules of the scenario itself.

A key factor to take into account in the game is the ability a player has to build up their own army deck before entering the battle. Depending on the objectives and the restrictions inherent to the scenario, the player will be able to choose what units and Support cards to include.

The goals to achieve the victory in a given game are totally diverse depending on the battle or scenario being played. Goals Range from destroying enemy’s HQ to seize the battlefield or inflicting a specific amount of casualties; to bomb a building or seizing it; raze a specific objective or steal supplies from the enemy; rescue a key position or standing on it for a given number of turns, among others.

German Reinforcements is an expansion to the base game in which we add new Unit and Support cards to Germany. Also new Terrain cards, such as Factories or Debris.

This expansion consists of 76 new cards, 42 units of 18 different types and 28 additional Support cards. In addition, we include 4 new Terrain cards, 1 summary card and two new General cards: Von Bock and Von Leeb.

1x Headquarters
1x General Von Bock
1x General Von Leeb
3x Motorized Infantry (Infantry)
4x FK 16 NA (Artillery)
3x Puma (Tank)
3x Panzer I (Tank)
4x Panzer III (Tank)
4x Stug III (Tank)
4x Panther (Tank)
3x Elephant (Tank)
2x Ostwind (Tank)
3x Brummbar (Tank)
3x SD KFZ 11 (Truck)
2x JU87 Stuka (Airplane)
2x BF 109 (Airplane)
2x HE 177 Greif (Airplane)

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