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Datensatz vom 12.09.2019




Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 10 Spieler

15 - 45 Minuten

Frei ab 8 Jahre

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Lazer is a cute kitty, and as such, loves to chase moving spots of light. To make the game more exciting for her, show her how to change the color by mixing 2 color frequencies with prisms and creating a third color. The player that can mix colors the best will be the winner here.

Semi-cooperative mode:

To set up the game the 12 tiles have to be placed on the table in a circle. Laser the cat will be placed randomly onto one of them. After this, the remaining 11 tiles each have to be filled with one prism meeple. The cards showing the color mixing rules have to be placed next to the tiles.

Each round starts by drawing two prism cards from the deck, these show the next color mixing tasks. The players have 30 seconds to find the solution, that is which meeples (or the cat) to move how many tiles to a meeple on another tile in order to make the requested colors. After 30 seconds each player shows a number 2 to 10 simultaneously, this indicates that they can solve the task in that many moves. The player with the bid closest to the starting player’s bid will join him/her. Without communicating, they have to solve the task by moving the meeples in turns under the indicated number of movements. If they succeed, they receive points equal to the number of movements. The winner is the player with the most points once the round is complete (everybody was starting player once).

Competitive mode

Setup is the same as in semi-cooperative mode, except you use the backside of the tiles (depicting 3 different types of floor: wood, stone, carpet) and the prism cards (not only the required color is indicated, but also the type of floor where the mixing is to be to performed ). When the first player claims a number of movements in which he/she can solve the problem, the 30 second countdown starts. In these 30 seconds all the players can decrease the bid by claiming a lower number. After the 30 seconds ends, the player bidding the lowest has to solve both prism cards in as many movements as the bid. If he/she manages to complete it, he/she will score points. If somebody fails 3 times, they will receive minus 6 points. The first player to reach 15 points will win the game.


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