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War of Cassandra



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In a future that it’s not so far from us, the earth is going to die. People with huge wealth have created their own spaceships to get away from this bad land. The ones left behind struggle for thousands of years, and finally they are not just surviving, but exploring their own path into the galaxy. They call themselves "The Terran Union". Uniting more and more civilizations from different planets, the Terran Union becomes stronger and bigger. Eventually, they encounter their "traitor", the descendants of those people who abandoned them so long ago. The Terran Union doesn't want to bear the name "Tyrant" — but they do want revenge, so they force these descendants onto deserted planets to let them taste what those in The Terran Union suffered for thousands of years. What's more, they take the rich planets that the descendants were living in and taking for granted.

One of the planets that the Terran Union takes is Cassandra, a planet with a vital strategic position and a high value of complex mines. A family of Chinese ancestry from the Terran Union, who also has an important position in the Terran Union council, is in charge of it. And now the great crisis of Cassandra is quietly coming. Who is the invader? Will the Chinese hold their home? Who is behind all the events? Let's face together the war of Cassandra!

In War of Cassandra, which follows scenarios from the Chinese science-fiction novel "War Of Cassandra" (卡桑德拉战役), players act as different parties within the universe. Players deploy land troops, fleets, commercial wagons, science teams, and diplomats to gain advantages of every perspective among the galaxy. Since the fates of the galactic parties are chained together, the game has a creative "chained event system" mechanism that means whenever an event occurs, it triggers other events affecting other parties.

The game lasts several rounds, and when the last round ends, players count their points according to the scoring guide and check the fate event cards to see whether they match the winning conditions.


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