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Datensatz vom 26.09.2012

Signum Mortis



Anzahl der Spieler:
3 bis 6 Spieler

240 Minuten

Frei ab 14 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen


Regeln und Spielmaterial sind in englischer Sprache. Die Auflage beträgt 100 Exemplare, 90 davon sind zum freien Verkauf.

Signum Mortis is a game for 3 to 6 players lasting between 3 to 5 hours aimed at more mature gamers. The game - even though cynical and satirical - is based in part on the historical facts as outlines by Marcus Tullius Cicero in his famous speech in defense of Sextus Roscius. Even though you can trust Cicero - as lawyer that he was - to illuminate the 'facts' in a specific light, also according to other sources the proscriptions were every bit as bad and corrupt as shown in this game.

Players take the role of Chiefs of Roman gangs from the Aventine Hill during Sulla’s reign of terror and proscription of 82BC. On one hand the players are building a reputation for being most daring, bringing proscribed but highly influential Senators or Equites to 'justice' (by chopping of their heads). By this they gain blood money as bounty while also plundering the homes of those unfortunates. Still, some of that money should better find its way back into Crysogonus’ coffers. The freedman Chrysogonus was Sulla's right-hand man in this and his 'secretarius' meticulously notes down your name and the bounty paid. Chrysogonus does not look favorable on those lacking generosity in their presents. On the other hand, the gangs also raise money by extorting the grain merchants or the red-light district. Player’s might also prey on each other in an attempt to rob the other gangs of their ill-gotten wealth either on the way home or by besieging or storming and plundering their lair. But beware Sulla’s veterans patrolling the streets and your competitors as bounty hunter, Sulla’s freedmen the Sullani. Players use their boss and his three lieutenants, all of them being specialized for different roles, and beef up their gangs by rogues lending numbers, muscles, speed or stealth. Sometimes guile succeeds where brutal force fails. The hulking brute - worth 3 normal men in a fight - might be hard-pressed to blend into the crowd if a patrol of Veterans enters the city quarter. Players might try to bribe officials to influence the Civil War, steer the patrols or 'ameliorate'their records with the 'secretarius' while influencing the proscription lists. They use prophecies by the witch (the 'Stryga') to influence and scare their superstitious opponents. The overall goal is to become the richest and most infamous of all bosses. Still, finally peace will come. Depending on the outcome of the civil war which the players might vigorously try to influence, the Chief having killed the wrong people and the Chief not having parted generously enough with his money, "unfortunately" will be executed.

This will leave only those of the rich and infamous who survived, to finally win the game.

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