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Datensatz vom 06.09.2018




Anzahl der Spieler:
3 bis 6 Spieler

5-10 Minuten

Frei ab 6 Jahre

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Are you ready to cultivate the most delicious fruits?

Pajarracos is a fast game in which players play the role of farmers competing to reap the most delicious fruits at the end of the game. This might be an easy task except for the hungry crows swarming around, so you have to be as fast as possible on sowing fruits while trying to keep the crows away from them.

On your turn, you can do one of the following actions.

1 - Sow fruits. Play as many fruits from the same type as you want.
2 - Crow attack. Play as many crows as you want over other players sows.
3 - Protect the sows. Play as many scarecrow as you want on your turn. You can play them either to defend a sow from a crow attack or to put safe the sows from further attacks. But no so fast... You can not protect a sow in the right moment when is being attacked by a crow.
4 - Replace hand. You can discard and draw as many cards as you want. Up to 5.

If a sow is being attacked by a crow...
On your turn. If one sows are being attaked by crows... you need to play a scarecrow to scare away the crows. In case of more than one sow is being attacked... you'll need one scarecrow per crow. If you don't play a scarecrow, each crow eats one of the fruits in that sow and remains there till it is scared on a further turn or eats the whole sow, when it goes to the discarted pile.

The game end is triggered when the draw pile runs out. Then players play only with the remaining cards on their hands.
When a player can not play a card the game ends immediately and crows doesn't eat in that turn and fly away. So it's time to counts points.


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