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Datensatz vom 17.07.2014

The Ravens of Thri Sahashri



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 Spieler

45 Minuten

Frei ab 12 Jahre

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The Ravens of Thri Sahashri is a two-player cooperative card game.

Ren, a young girl who lost her family to the plague and was sold as a courtesan apprentice. Feth, a foreign boy who followed his merchant father to Japan. They met, they fell in love, and they planned a daring escape. They succeeded, but the elder courtesan who helped them was shot to death as they ran. Ren was shocked from guilt, and fell into a deep coma. Feth, with his ability to read the hearts of others, dove into her mind in an attempt to wake her. What he saw when he opened his eyes was a vast wasteland shaped from sad memories, where Ren’s frail song of poetry drowned in  the cruel cawing of world-devouring ravens.
The game is played in three batches. Each batch starts with that Ren draws four memory cards at random and place them in a row face down; these represent her heart. Feths mission is to correctly guess which colours these cards are. Rens’ goal is to give Feth hints. Every round, the Feth player starts by drawing cards and putting them together in a puzzle. When he’s done, Ren is to ”reply” by taking one of the cards in the puzzle and place beside her ”heart” in order to reach a certain number total; the heart and these added cards should form a poem. This is repeated round after round, until Ren’s poem is complete, and at that point, the puzzle must contain exactly the colours in Ren’s heart, and none other.  This is played in three batches, as Feth dives deeper and deeper into Ren’s consciousness, and during the third batch there is an extra rule that makes it hard to beat. If the players manage to complete all three batches without losing, then Ren is saved and the players win.


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