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Datensatz vom 14.09.2016




Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 4 Spieler

10-60 Minuten

Frei ab 8 Jahre

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Lixso is a new and original logic game, somewhere in between Sudoku and a puzzle. Fill a grid entirely using L-shapes with the 4 colors (or matching symbols I,X,S & O), respecting the pre-filled cells, and in such a way that L-shapes with the same symbol/color don’t touch – neither on a side or a corner.
It sounds easy, but there are many ways to fill a 9 by 9 grid with L-shapes. Each grid has only a single correct solution, you will need to use logical reasoning to find it. There are 6 difficulty levels. Try level 1 or 2 to learn the game – one can easily see which symbols fit or not, and with each added L, others become clear. But for level 4, 5 or 6, it is more difficult. Sometimes you have to imagine or place a whole chain of L-shapes to find out if it leads to the solution. First, place those L-shapes of which you are certain. Do observe the entire grid, as sometimes you have to continue on a whole other part of the grid.

Lixso can also be played with 2 to 4 players – rather than solving the puzzle, this becomes a competition to place the most L-shapes on the grid.
The symbols/colors are divided among players. With 2 players each has 2 symbols, with 4 players each has 1. With 3 players each has one symbol, and the remaining symbol is shared among players.
The purpose of the game is to place the most L-shapes.
Place L-shapes in turns, while possible – and keep the count for each player. If you can’t, skip a turn. The game ends when no-one can place another L-shape. The Player who placed the most L-shapes wins.
Rules number 1 and 2 apply: respect the pre-filled cells, and L-shapes with the same symbol cannot touch. (an L-shape also cannot touch a pre-filled cel of the same symbol!)
Rules 3 does not apply – the grid does NOT need to be filled, empty cells can remain.
And herein lies the whole interest of the multiplayer game: rather than placing the L-shapes to solve the puzzle, you place them competitively, trying to limit available space for the other player/s. You can try to place tiles in such a way that parts of the grid (with the symbols/colors) of your opponent/s) become impossible to use.
As a variation, all players can play any of the symbols/colors. (don’t forget to keep count while playing!) This way it is very hard to gain an advantage over the other player.


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