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Datensatz vom 02.01.2013

High Frontier Colonization



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 5 Spieler

180 Minuten

Frei ab 12 Jahre

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High Frontier Colonization, (estimated availability June 2013, preorders in January 2013) is an expansion to both the first and second editions of High Frontier. It includes all the elements of the first edition expansion (now out of print), but adds the following maps, cards, and playing pieces:
- Cards and Wooden cylinders represent Bernal space colonies,
- Colonist cards.
- Small and large cubes represent 3-D printer factories and superfreighters.
- Advanced Thruster cards represent gigawatt rockets and terawatt starships.
- Radiator, Generator support cards, plus 2nd edition support cards.
- The 2nd edition expansion map upgraded all the way out to the EM sunlens point at 550 AU.

Following the Age of Exploration, is the Age of Colonization. The thriving space infrastructure has hundreds of specialists working in space colonies orbiting Earth. These provide services such as antimatter manufacture, solar power beams, cycler satellites, space telescopes, the space elevator, and of course, the local tax office. But new mining and space manufacturing opportunities appear further afield in the High Frontier. The players are motivated to move their base of operations to these sites, including their Bernals, colonists, and freighters. Some of the colonists require rapid transport on rockets in the gigawatt class. These engines can be promoted to the terawatt class, which allow an endgame starshot worth victory points (VP's).

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