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Datensatz vom 23.07.2014

Pocket Battles: Confederacy vs Union



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A war game that fits in the pocket! In Pocket Battles: Confederacy vs Union — the fourth title in the Pocket Battles series — tiles represent troops and troops make up units in your army; just determine the size of the battle, then create your own army from a pool of existing troops. Each tile hits on certain rolls, and some can only melee while others can shoot. Some tiles also have special traits that can affect their whole unit or army.

The basic rules of the game are fairly simple: Two armies face each other in battle. The armies are split into three columns and two rows. Players must decide at the start of the game how many points they will give to their armies, which then determines how many points you must defeat to win.

On your turn, you choose which faction of your army to send off to battle! Attacks are made by using Order Tokens. If no Order Tokens are present on a unit, it costs just one token to issue orders to that unit. Issuing orders to the same unit in the same Battle Round costs you the number of tokens present on the unit, plus one. (If one token is on a unit, it costs two additional tokens to activate it again; with three tokens on the unit, it costs four additional tokens, etc.)

After a round of battle, you may choose to redeploy you units. (Units may move from the back of the row to the front of the same row, from the back of a row to the back of another row, or from the front of a row to the front of another row). Redeployment costs no Order tokens. The battle ends when one army has eliminated at least half of the points in the opposing army.

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