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Datensatz vom 11.09.2015

Pirates Fantasy Island



Anzahl der Spieler:
4 Spieler

15-30 Minuten

Frei ab 7 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen


An old Pirate locked in prison who must whisper to his apprentice on the outside the pieces of the treasure map. A team game,

It's no issue to simulate ambient noise, the poor quality of telephone communication, .. On the one hand we'll put two teams in the competition (which will happen to find his treasure in first... and then it will create an emulation.. a sense of urgency, like a crisis situation). And in addition, we will impose, round after round, a way to communication even further (sorry.. pas could help..), such as talking with your hand in front of your mouth, or like a ventriloquist...

To take into account the possibility of being wrong because different terrain typess, near the treasure the different areas of the treasure map will bear the name of beaches... all different beaches, but with similar pronouniations. (Oracabech Playa, Ocarabess Palia, Oracabess Playa etc etc...).

Finally, to follow the paths on the reconstituted map with your finger... These paths are almost impossible to follow with the naked eye... Indeed, they have green dotted amid the lush greenery in orange red tones... On the other hand, when we place the small red filter of transparent plastic on the map and push it with our finger, flora disappears, leaving the path that must be followed...

The most interesting part of this game, it is that, in explanation, we are told only the rules of the game to the different teams. Each is free to use the mode of communication and following the roads seems it best adapted to the situation... And with the urgency of the game, against the competition, each trying to go to the more quickly... and forget everything else. Except that at the end of each part, without using clear communication techniques, no chance to have found the right solution... repeat the exercise with communication secure leads, each time to find the solution.

In summary, this game is more meaningful than all the usual seminars playful setting, and which led to doubt one's understanding...

User summary:
Game is only played with 4 players, 2 on each time. One of each pair of players is the apprentice attempting to find the treasure with the map by blindly pushing a smaller red player piece. As you get closer and closer to the treasure (likely different colours or borders to indicate different zones), the other player (playing your pirate mentor) has their directions conveyed more and more muffled to simulate their memory or your understanding of their directions becoming less and less certain. Either it's a time trial between the two teams, going one at a time or it's simultaneously play (and the first to reach the treasure wins.

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