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Datensatz vom 23.08.2016

Outlaws: Last Man Standing (Prototyp / Spiel erscheint vermutlich 2017)



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 4 Spieler

15-20 Minuten

Frei ab 12 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



The wild west was a time where life was cheap and even the smallest slight could call for blood. As such, being a politician during these rambunctious years was a dangerous career choice, yet the promise of wealth and power made sure that there was no shortage of candidates.

In Outlaws: Last Man Standing, you take on the role of a governor in the far west seeking to best his political rivals by any means necessary in this card based game of bluff and deduction.

Using the support of your constituents keep your governor safe as you seek to eliminate your opponents from the race.

Each player has in his possession a set of cards representing different constituents backing the governor (or unscrupulous individuals in it for the gold), each with a different ability. These are set out in a row and the back of each card can only be seen by the controlling player. During your turn you can either activate one of these abilities or move your cards around. Between the rows of cards there are a number of face down tokens that can be used by different characters for various effects.

There's more than one way to win the game:

  • The “Good” way: Some of the facedown tokens contain “votes” you can use to get your governor elected. If you accumulate enough of these votes you can use your governor to force an election and win the game.
  • The “Bad” way: If you manage to find your opponent’s governor and go after him with your outlaw, you can win the election by default. It’s very hard for a dead man to become president.
  • The “Ugly” Way: If you suspect that your opponent is after your governor with his outlaw you can attempt to arrest them with your Sheriff. If you manage to do so then the attempted assassination will cause such a political scandal that your rival will have to withdraw from the race.

Your objective is to hide your Governor amongst your other cards whilst you search for a way to win the game. You’ll be able to look at your opponent’s cards, move them around, and even lock some of them up! Of course your rival will be able to do the same so you’ll need to use as much deception and bluff as you can dredge up to pull ahead and win the game because, whether it be with silver or lead, one of you isn’t making it out of this unscathed!


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