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Datensatz vom 28.09.2019

Running Quest: Soul Raiders (Demo - Spiel erscheint 2020)


2020 (Demo 2019)

Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 4 Spieler

30 - 90 Minuten

Frei ab 13 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



A powerful warrior-mage, you have pledged yourself to an ancestral cast of elite guardians sworn to to protect the sanctuaries of the Seven Vales. When your home is attacked, you take it upon yourself to go beyond your calling, and take the road in search of lost and stolen magical artifacts vital for the safeguard of your world. Do you and your allies have what it takes to become the first Soul Raiders the Seven Vales has known in centuries?

Soul Raiders is an original saga, the first crafted specifically for the Running Quest game system. This immersive narrative experience, in a high-fantasy world setting, pits epic heroes against diabolical villains in a race to recover powerful relics that were used to build the foundations of their universe.

Each game box, or Tome, is divided into several game sessions,or Chapters, forming and epic series of adventures that will evolve dramatically thanks to the heroic actions of players and the missions you accomplish.

The Running Quest game system employs clever cooperative mechanics for 1-4 players, confronting heroes with a new threat in every chapter. During your turn, you act independently or in collaboration to explore surroundings, defeat adversaries and complete missions. The setting is composed of various locations, depicted on numbered cards that you will uncover as you progress through your adventures.

You draw your actions from a personal deck of cards, managing your hand carefully to choose your path : will you spend all your Action points to climb sneakily over the drawbridge, or should you spend a little less to lower it down in a more direct approach? You could also look for an entrance hidden in the surrounding swamps... Each choice has a different consequence, but there is no ideal itinerary to follow in order to win the game, as the author made sure that any path is a victorious possibility, even if some are easier than others.

A truly cooperative experience, adventurers share a common pool of life points, increasing the global threat level as you take more and more wounds. You will triumph if you accomplish the various quests hidden in the many locations of the chapter, but lose if you run out of time or allow your opponents to overwhelm you. The enemies' behavior being dictated by the combination of locations in play, you will have to choose wisely when to fight, or when to... run!

The game box holds over one thousand illustrated cards of various sizes, miniatures for the adventurers, and a number of tokens and tracks. Storing components are provided to save your characters' equipment and skills from one chapter to another, and even from one Tome to another!

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