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Artikel vom 26.07.2006

Autor: Kevin Jensen

Kategorie: Interviews
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Interview mit dem Munchkin-Macher Steve Jackson

Deutsch | English Hi Steve! Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself, for readers who don't know your games or Munchkin?

Steve Jackson: I'm a gamer. I've been creating games professionally since the mid-70s. It's what I like to do. When and how did you come up with the wild idea creating a card game that obviously uses sarcasm to ridicule the usual role playing world?

Steve Jackson: Midsummer 2001. I don't know exactly when I thought if it, but I know exactly when I made up the first set of cards . . . on an airplane, flying to a convention, on the back of blank INWO cards. As to how - I have always loved parody, and the culture of hack-n-slash roleplaying surely deserved some parody. It's fun to laugh at ourselves! Do you have any explanation why Munchkin is so much fun? How would you describe the game for newcomers?

Steve Jackson: Taking the second question first: If the newcomers were familiar with RPGs, I'd say "A silly card game about dungeon-crawling and backstabbing." If they weren't familiar with RPGs, I'd say "Sit down and play and we'll explain it as we go along." And I think it's fun first because of the humor and cartoons, and second because all players are constantly involved in play, and there are no permanent alliances or enmities. Who comes up with the different innovative cards for each new episode? Do you work as a team, alone and are there already cards in the game that were created by fans?

Steve Jackson: 98% me. We do accept card suggestions - there is a suggestion page at Most supplements will have a few credits to fans who suggested cards. But I really enjoy working on the game, and keep most of the design job for myself! Munchkin seems to be a never ending success story. You go from super heroes, vampires to ninjas over to space marines and the classical dungeons. What can we expect next?

Steve Jackson: Munchkin Impossible will be shipping this fall. I'm already working on the one after that. We have not announced the title yet. Will I reveal it here? Maybe! No . . . I guess not. Fnord. Do you have a brief overview about the sales figures of the game?
In how many countries and languages is Munchkin available and which country would you define as the master of Munchkin-Fans?

Steve Jackson: You know, I don't know offhand how many we have sold. LOTS. Right now it's in English, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish. Japanese and Portuguese are on the way. I hope I haven't forgotten any. After the USA, Germany has the most active Munchkin players. If you could be a single race of the Munchkin world and could only have one playing card of the Munchkin series in your hand, which ones would it be?

Steve Jackson: If I can be level 9, I want to be a Cleric who just drew Divine Intervention! Otherwise, I want to be a Halfling who just drew Hoard. What is it like to work with John Kovalic? Could you imagine Munchkin without his drawings? What is your favourite Munchkin creation from John?

Steve Jackson: (a) Fun. Huge fun. And he's fun to game with, too. I wish we lived in the same town!
(b) It wouldn't be the same.
(c) The original Munchkin character, on the cover. What other games do you like play with friends, besides your own creations?
Steve Jackson: All sorts of stuff. Starcraft, Axis & Allies, Puerto Rico, Risk, and whatever else is new. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Steve Jackson: Hi, readers! If any of you plan to travel to the Lucca convention in Italy in October, come see me. Otherwise ... I hope to make it to Essen in 2007 ...

The Interview was held by Kevin Jensen for

Thanks to Steve Jackson for his support.
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