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Monolith is a French game publisher whose first project is a miniatures boardgame based on Robert E. Howard’s Conan universe. The game designer, Frederic Henry (Timeline, The Adventurers, The Builders, etc.) is also one of the company founders.

Monolith is born from Fred’s desire to develop immersive games both in their universe, their game mechanics and even their graphics. He teamed up with the Hascoët brothers, founders of Bombyx.

To get the necessary funding for the production (funds for development as well as drawings, sculptures and graphics are brought by the shareholders), choice was made to bring the project on Kickstarter.


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Freitag 03.11.2017

Batman (Monolith) / Essen 2017 - Kickstarter 2018

Nachricht von 13:46 Uhr, Jörg, - Kommentare

Ein weiterer Kickstarter für 2018 und gerne werfe ich nicht nur aus Eigeninteresse einen Blick darauf. Im Video bekommen wir alle Infos die man über den Kickstarter wissen sollte .... fehlen... ...

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vorstellung vom 03.11.2017

Batman (Monolith) / Essen 2017 - Kickstarter 2018