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Inside Up Games

Inside Up Games began before it was ever named, when board game enthusiast Conor McGoey was struck with an original game idea while lying awake one night. Luckily the striking didn’t leave any permanent bruising, just the foundation for “Summit” which would become this company’s first game.

For years, family and friends had been suggesting to Conor that he take his love of tabletop games and use it to create his own to share with fellow gamers. Unfortunately the majority of Conor’s time was taken up running his business (Outlast Frames) and any free time he had he selfishly played with his three awesome kids. (They are way cooler than he is.)

When a health issue and its subsequent surgery took him off the job site for a while he used that down time to finalize Summit’s mechanics and began working on 3 other games. Unfortunately, after a while, he hit a bump of unattractiveness. A disheartening bump that looked quite a bit like sharpie on a pizza box.

Enter Jordan Danielsson of Lost Art.

The Tenzing to Conor’s Hillary. The Kato to his Clouseau. The jalapeño cheddar to his ripple chips. Jordan’s excitement and desire to jump on board this project helped to reenergize and refocus Conor to make Summit the best game it could be. And Jordan made it look awesome. Like really awesome. Simply put; he brought The Sexy back!

Jordan, an amazing artist and graphic designer had previously created Outlast Frames’ Website, business cards and vehicle decals, on top of his many artistic and musical endeavors. Conor was so pleased with Jordan’s work that he asked him to hand paint his goalie helmet and design his wife’s next tattoo!

Jordan’s distinctive style, drive and digital know-how coupled with Conor’s love of games, rules and get-togethers will be a recipe for disaster. The good kind of disaster. Wait should I have said excitement… A recipe for excitement?!?

Together they plan to make exciting and attractive games that would be welcome at any game night.


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Mittwoch 23.02.2022

Skellig Games bringt über Kickstarter die deutsche Version zu Earth in 2023 heraus

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Skellig Games hat über Facebook vor einigen Tagen bekanntgegeben, dass der Verlag der deutsche Partner von Inside Up Games für die Kickstarter-Kampagne zum Spiel Earth ist. ... ...

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